Know your Blueprint: The Ayurvedic Secret to Restoring Your Vitality and Passion In 30 Days

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ISBN: 9781457542169
148 pages

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Do you have a goal that feels impossible to you?

–To lose weight
–To find the perfect mate
–To stop an addiction
–To find your perfect job

How would your life be if you possessed the energy and confidence to easily achieve them? In this 30-day Ayurvedic Program from Ayurvedic Master Cynthia Copple you will discover the power of your inherited Blueprint™ and unlock the surprising key to vibrant health and success.


About Cynthia Copple

When Cynthia first encountered Ayurvedic medicine and Yogic philosophy, she was a Vietnam War reporter and photographer travelling the world, with absolutely no interest in medicine, eastern or western. On a break between assignments she was convinced by a friend to attend an Ayurveda class. Shortly afterwards to her surprise, she began a formal study of Ayurveda with Dr. R.P. Trivedi, a world-renowned master, who told her that her mission was to bring Ayurveda to the west.



AYURVEDA is an ancient system of healing that originated in India 5,000 years ago. Its wisdom is contained in over a thousand pages of esoteric medical and spiritual texts. But you won’t find anything very esoteric here.

What you will find is a practical guide to discovering your unique blueprint. According to Ayurveda, we each have natural-born qualities that comprise our dosha or Blueprint.


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